Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Wash Towels, 12′ x 12″ All-Purpose Ultra Soft


Microfiber-Cleaning-Cloth-Wash-Towels, 12′ x 12″ All-Purpose Ultra Soft Wash Cloths Reusable for Kitchen Bath Car Window Household Home and Commercial (Black, 12″X12″ 24-Pack)

  • 【 Easier Cleaning and Drying Ever 】Cleans without chemicals, Each tiny fiber of your microfiber cleaning cloths has an incredible surface area, which means more surface area for dirt and liquid to bond and wipe away thoroughly
  • 【 Surface Safe Scratch Free 】 Streak Free, Unlike cotton wash towels, the cleaning power effect of high GSM microfiber rags come from the millions of its microscopic fibers which can penetrate into dirt, grime, grease, liquid
  • 【 Simple 1-Step Cleaning 】 Environment, people and pets friendly micro-fiber cleaning does not require detergent or soap for perfect cleaning. Microfiber wash cloth cleaning is mechanical without chemicals
  • 【 Long Lasting & Easy Care 】 Your quick drying durable lint-free wash cloths for appliance, kitchen, bath, window glass, car wash cleaning and auto detailing is machine washable for hundreds of times
  • 【 Perfect Facial Cleaning Towels 】 Versatile fiber cleaning towels are great for polishing, dusting, washing dishes, cleaning surfaces; Also ideal for exfoliating dead skin cells and grease oil removal for smooth glowing skin


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